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With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union

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Project partner

  • Chemnitz University of Technology, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Sport and Exercise Science  

    Logo TU Chemnitz

    The consortium of the EU-Project is led and managed by TU Chemnitz. It is responsible for the sport-scientific company, further processing and the sustainable use of the project results.

  • SPORTAG – Sport im Ganztag GbR 

    Logo SPORTAG

    SPORTAG is responsible for education and advanced education of the participants in European partner schools and multiplier in each country. SPORTAG will organize the implementation of all pilot projects and supervises the realization of the sport-programs. Therefore SPORTAG will create a program-manual and the sports-related content design of the curriculum.

  • Netzwerk e.V. – Soziale Dienste und Ökologische Bildung  

    Logo Netzwerk e.V.

    Netzwerk e.V. composes the curriculum, implementing the innovative teaching methods in promoting sport in primary school, including promotion of competences from pupils and educators. Both, the teaching methods and the promotion of competencies are developed in cooperation with the partners. Experience and results of the sport promotional program Kids in Motion running in the setting school will be introduced by Netzwerk e.V. as a suggestion for the sport curriculum. Furthermore they assume the projects public relation.

  • EuroConsults 

    Logo EuroConsults

    EuroConsults (Germany) assumes the project-attended evaluation of the project to guarantee the highest possible quality of each work package, especially the management-specific, organizational and financial departments.

  • ZAVOD FIT/FIT Institut

    Logo ZAVOD FITThe FIT Institute (Slovenia) is, based on its expertise in developing school-programs and -curriculums and creating manuals, in charge of the evaluation of the sport promotional program, the further training of teachers and the implementation of the sport program.

  • University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

    Logo Westböhmische Universität Pilsen

    For the optimal implementation of their expertise in sport management the University of West Bohemia Pilsen (Czech Republic) assumes the task of dissemination. They are responsible for the presentation of the project results with maximum effect on the educational establishment and also for the processes of best value on local, national and European level.

  • Universität Castilla-La Mancha 

    Logo Universität Castilla-La Mancha

    The University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) is responsible for the demand analysis of the project which has to be conducted before the program development and realization.  Moreover, due to their expertise in promotiong phyiscal activity in children,  in cooperation with the other partners they will determine and structure the content and method of planned demand analysis with country-specifics in mind.

  • Paulaharjun Koulu Kurikka 

    The primary school Paulaharjun Koulu in Kurikka (Finland) will offer a practical workshop for sports teachers and staff from other areas of education because of their expertise in the field of lifelong learning and its innovative learning arrangements and the possibilities of the implementation of targeted sports promotion programs.

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